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Fresh Lettuce

Fresh Lettuce hails from parts unknown. They are a Swiss Army knife, MacGuyver-esque directorial team with a peppering of eclectic awesomeness and a sprinkle of swag. They've produced high end and exquisite content for clients ranging from International brands to food trucks and back again. From worldwide Agencies to small cafes to micro-breweries, Fresh Lettuce considers the drool factor mission critical. The pours and sizzles. The smokes and the liquids. It's all in the game. Equally versed in stills and motion, they understand that they are the maestro of an exquisite ballet in a theater where a desire for genuine collaboration collides with the capture of strking imagery. Fresh Lettuce brings a vibrant and unique style to a world that can sometimes fall flat- refusing to allow that to happen is a challenge that they embrace daily.

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