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About Us

Here is the part where we could tell you that Alias is a group of creators, thinkers, writers and award-winners with 30 years of combined experience in commercial advertising, network broadcasting, integrated marketing and originals. We could hammer home the idea that innovative thinking is the only thinking we know how to do. That we’re driven by passion and fueled by success. That we solve problems through a workflow that’s collaborative and efficient. We could tell you all of that. And we kind of just did. And you didn’t even know it was happening. God, we’re good…

Our team is handpicked. Personalities and talents that have risen to the top over the course of our careers. We’re boutique by design. Our vibe is a neighborhood shop with worldwide production capabilities. We consider International Production Service our passion and strength, having executed shoots in 40+ countries worldwide with trusted partnerships in Asia, Australia, Scandinavia, Western Europe from the Atlantic to the Eastern Bloc, Mexico and South America.We never give up. We never say die. We rarely say no.

We love a challenge. We love it even more when we can make it look easy. We adapt. We understand that each client’s needs and workflow differs and each job is a unique set of asks. We go big, we go small.  We check our egos at the door and aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty. Ultimately, as American Poet Laureate Robert Van Winkle once said, “If there was a problem, yo, I’ll solve it...”
…so connect with us, we’ll help you solve it.  

Meet the team


Please send all new business enquiries to or

Sean Patrick Kelly

Executive Producer and Director

Steve Oare

Executive Producer

Marcelo Stephani
Creative Director

Renee Clancy
Head of Post Production

Adam Tobin
Head of Production 

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